Boost Your Chances of Success During IVF Treatment

With the UK surpassing over 1 million IVF treatment cycles and over 300,000 babies born to date, many would believe that childlessness, not by choice, would be a thing of the past.

As someone who endured multiple rounds of IVF, the thought of not having a baby at the end of it was incomprehensible. And although IVF eventually did result in a baby for me, we’ve all heard of the phrase ‘IVF doesn’t always equal a baby,’ and the hard truth is that for some women, IVF doesn’t always work the first time, or at all.

Notwithstanding the many different factors that come into IVF success, some fertility clinicians do understand the importance of things that women and men can achieve outside of treatment to improve their chances. Sadly, they are not of the many but the few, which is why it is crucial that IVF patients are informed and empowered to understand what is available to them alongside treatment, to really boost their chances of conception.


As a Reiki Therapist, I know only too well of the importance of good energy flow for general wellness and fertility. Many women who experience fertility issues have a blocked sacral chakra, which can be unblocked through energy healing. Reiki treatment is reasonably priced and non-invasive as well as incredibly relaxing and uplifting. Reiki energy is always good energy so is safe and effective alongside IVF treatment.


We’ve all heard of stories of women who became pregnant after a difficult fertility journey and swear it was acupuncture that helped. Sadly, there is limited research showing a positive correlation between acupuncture and natural conception rates. Fortunately, there are many studies that show acupuncture significantly increases pregnancy and live birth rates for women undergoing IVF treatment. You can’t get away with just one treatment though: a number of acupuncture sessions before and during IVF treatment reaps the most reward.


You are what you eat, literally. Good quality eggs and an inviting womb are best achieved by a diet high in protein, leafy green veg and good fats. Reduce the carbs and alcohol. Dietary changes should be done with moderation in mind and at least three months prior to starting IVF treatment. You can download a free ‘Simple foods to boost Fertility’ PDF via my website.


When practiced with purpose, yoga reduces stress and encourages deep relaxation. Yoga also gently increases blood flow, which is always of benefit when trying to conceive.


The power of meditation goes beyond the scope of anyone’s imagination. By bringing us back into the present moment with stillness, we begin to shift into a calmer, neutral state, conducive to fertility. You can’t beat a meditation that helps invite your baby into your womb, especially after embryo transfer. Meditation costs nothing and the rewards are priceless.


Daring to hope does not keep you safe, in fact, the law of attraction would state having a lack mindset actually reduces your chances of having a baby. Belief shifts biology so visualise your baby, keep it close, genuinely believe you will be a parent one day and your body will receive it. The amazing work that I and the other Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialists do taps into this crucial mindset work and the results are beyond powerful.

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